Introducing Erin Morgart

Introducing Erin Morgart

Erin J. Morgart’s success has skyrocketed her to the top winning pageants, booking radio shows, modeling, acting, a business woman and a certified personal Trainer. Erin is a member of MENSA (a collective group of people with high IQ), she won the Mrs. United Nations 2012, Mrs. Galaxy Virginia 2012, speaks 4 languages fluently (English, French, Italian, & Latin). She got a degree from Harvard Medical School and is working toward completing her PhD, in sports medicine. She has won a People’s choice award. Most recently she has signed with Eclectic Media productions PR group.and will be featured in December’s Issue of “Supastars Magazine”. Also in January of 2013 she will be in the issue of “Gladys Magazine”.

Erin is a beautiful, focused, driven and very busy as of late. She recently received the Congressional Citation from republican congressman Leonard Lance.

She accepted this award for her participation in Make a National Foster Children’s Day. This day is recognized in New Jersey as a legal day, and Erin is trying diligently to make it a national day. Erin wasn’t always model perfect, like many women, Erin had her struggles with losing 45 pounds of post pregnancy weight.

Heart disease is a huge killer in Erin’s family effecting many of her family members, she became a personal trainer to stay in shape and fit. She says she “refuses to become another statistic”. Erin follows a strict workout plan and encourages others too follow. For her pageant she worked out 6 days a week, 2 days of the week lifting weights for 30 minutes.

Erin is a role model for women of all ages, her passion to staying healthy is an inspiration that shows if you stick to your goals their is nothing that can get in your way of achieving your dreams too. Her success is simply from hard work and dedication to her goals and help from her family.

For everything Erin, visit her website to connect and follow her HERE!

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