Kristen Stewart Promises To Become Better Actress

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Kristen Stewart Promisese To Become Better Actress

Kristen Stewart has shocked us–and it wasn’t the anticipated breast implants, affair, bad acting, or occasionally washed hair that made our jaws drop! The D-grade actress (but somehow A-list celebrity) has admitted her own shortcomings! That’s right–she recognizes full well what a terrible actress she is! The Twilight star is, unfortunately, promising to do right by fans in the future. In an interview for On The Road, she addressed her personal demons and resolutions for her career.

“By putting up walls, you think you’re protecting yourself, but you get to live less. If you’re hiding behind a wall, then you can’t see over it. You’re depriving yourself of so much if you’re trying to be too aware of what you’re putting out there, you know? If you feel someone breaking those walls down, let them.” I thought that she put the walls up to protect movie goers form her terrible acting and excessive sighs? The quote has a certain carpe diem ring to it, and I wonder if sleeping with your director is part of that philosophy?

No word on whether Robert Pattinson will be on hand to help her break down those walls so she can enjoy all the bits of life she’s been missing out on–you know, a good reputation, a happy relationship, monogamy–or if he’ll just hole up in London and pretend she doesn’t exist. Do you think Kristen has a bright future, or will her career turn to mist now that Twilight is over?

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