Trey Songz Caught Kissing Another Man In Viral Twitpic

Trey Songz Caught Kissing Another Man In Viral Twitpic

Trey Songz might have the funniest stage name in the business, but there’s nothing funny about the gay rumours being tossed at him like a nun tosses a bucket of holy water at emo kids. Over the holiday season, Songz didn’t write new songs, nor did he enjoy time with loved ones. No, Songz snogged a man. If the recent Twitpic of Songz and the other gentleman is to be believed and/or validated, the gay rumours will stop swirling and he can be left in peace to live his life. However, Songz shrugged off the gay rumours during a recent Tweet.

He wrote, “On my way to Virginia to spend the holidays with my family. No senselessness, lies or hate can take away my joy. #LOVE.” Okay, so scratch the above – Songz did spend time with his loved ones over the holidays, but he also spent time with the mysterious gentleman in the picture.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but this picture isn’t worth jack – so don’t believe it. Conflicting reports have revealed that the man who looks like Songz isn’t Songz. (It never is, right?) The Songz doppelganger is allegedly Enrique Somebody (that’s not his last name) and it’s all a big, fat lie made up of an awkward coincidence and eerie lookalikes.

Although he has been linked with several beautiful women in the past, the singer has been dogged by gay rumours throughout his short career. Gossip mongers love attaching labels to celebrities in order to familiarize themselves with the larger-than-life personality. The gay rumour is a tale as old as time. It’s been around for centuries. Ultimately, it’s none of our business whether Songz likes men, women, and/or both.

What do you think though? Do you think he is gay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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