Lady Gaga Avoided Smoking Cannabis For Her New Album ‘PopArt’ — Is She Desperate Or What?!

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Lady Gaga is definitely trying to follow in Madonna’s footsteps by having people buzz about her nonsense. The pop star is now saying she avoided smoking cannabis while recording her new album ‘PopArt’ but refused to give a reason as to why she stopped. Gaga, who said the drug gave her “spiritual experience with her music” says she’s bound to break boundaries whilst 100% sober.

The 26-year old has already revealed plans to release a movie for her forthcoming album, which will get her fans talking about it some more, but her comments on saying she didn’t smoke cannabis on this album has us thinking that she’s trying to tell us she took that nasty substance during her other two albums!

In an online chat with her fanbase at Ultimate GaGa, the singer had told her millions of fans: “NO WEED ON ARTPOP…NO”, before adding: “Weed in the bathtub though. Hahaha. My favorite thing about the Born This Way album was that it was risky and its own thing.”

Gaga added that her new album is the evolution of what she had previously released,- it’s what she has been working towards since her debut album, The Fame. “ARTPOP is very risky… if you’re not taking a risk you’re not breaking any boundaries. I feel ARTPOP is what I’ve been working towards since The Fame. It’s what has defined me and my fans, and we are claiming the music that is ours.”

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