Kim Kardashian Caught Eating Sushi While Pregnant–Healthy or Dangerous?

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Kim Kardashian Caught Eating Sushi While Pregnant--Healthy or Dangerous?

Two nights ago, we learned that Kim Kardashian is pregnant by her boyfriend Kanye West. The announcement lacked all the finesse and pomp typical to a Kardashian announcement, but all her family have confirmed it over Twitter. Now, we’re all wondering about maternity fashion, a wedding, a TV show, and Kanye’s role in the Kardashian klan. Kim isn’t a big drinker anyways, so we’re pretty sure giving up booze for the baby wont’ be a problem–but can the reality starlet give up sushi?

Kim was spotted dining with Scott Disick and BFF Jonathan Cheban at Sushi Mikasa, in the Shelborne South Beach hotel on December 13. Cheban is an investor in the restaurant, so the celebratory dinner was appropriate. But was Kim aware of her pregnancy? I’m pretty sure ‘no raw fish’ is a pretty solid rule while expecting. Unless Kim’s avoiding fish sushi and opting for vegetarian versions, she could be eating dangerous pathogens. But not all think sushi is dangerous–some experts claim that sushi prepared by professionals, in a clean environment, can be a healthy part of a pregnant woman’s diet.

An expert has estimated that Kim will make an initial $5 million from her pregnancy: a million to sell the first baby photos to the tabloids, two million in baby product endorsements, $1.5 million for the documentary rights, and a half a million for a weight loss or fitness endorsement. Basically, she’s carrying precious cargo and should probably quit the raw fish until baby is born! Do you think raw fish is daring, or safe?

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  1. Victoria says

    Geez, is this what we can expect until the end of June? Every minute of what this whore does, just because she’s PG with her whore boyfriend. She was having sex with him before she met Kris H and while she wad dating Kris H. and after she married him, even before whe filed for divorce. Hello everybody.!!!!! The word whore/tramp is mild for this piece of trash. My sympathize go towards whatever pops out of her.

  2. Sally says

    I totally agree with Victoria!!! Momager and daughter are gold digging, greedy, talentless trash!!!! Kris is trashy, terrible role model and mother who only c ares about money, shopping, screwing, the brand!!! Do they all love big booty lovin black men? Wish they would fade away for good into one of their MANY overly expensive, ugly Hermes bags! I have stopped watching their fake, trash shows long ago. America, wake up, do the same. Ignore them, maybe they’ll keep their clothes on and GO AWAY!!! Ugh, no class at all. The more plastic they gat, the uglier they become!!

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