How Moms Lost Half Their Size – How They Did It!

How Moms Lost Half Their Size - How They Did It!

The current issue of People Magazine, which is a double issue,  features the cover story “How they did it, Half Their Size!”  This week the magazine has the inspiration story of Mom’s Ashley Donahoo and Leah Fernandez, and how the ladies lost more than 100 lbs.  Ashley and Leah did not have surgery, nor did they follow gimmicky diets to accomplish their weight loss.  In this week’s issue, we are going to be treated to all the secrets of their weight loss.

How did they managed this weight loss?  Well hard work, diet, determination and exercise.  All the hard work paid off and the duo scored this week’s People’s cover.

For Ashley according to People, “She began her journey in 2010 after enduring a series of medical problems stemming from her 288 lb. weight.”  For Leah, “Being so overweight kept me from doing all those fun, physical activities with my family. The realization I wasn’t giving them the best was a huge motivator.”

For more information on these inspiration women and their diet secrets, pick up the current issue of People Magazine, on stands now!

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