National Enquirer: Best and Worst Celebrity Diets

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National Enquirer: Best and Worst Celebrity Diets

The upcoming issue of The National Enquirer is perfect for those with a New Year’s resolution of dropping some lbs – the cover story features the best and worst celebrity diets and has the photos to show the results. The cover shots run the gamut from the whale-esque to the anorexic and promise to tell us how the stars ended up that way!

The cover shows the ever-shrinking Naomi Watts and her bony, bony back as well as Kelly Ripa‘s muscle and skin fest – I don’t think she’s got enough mass to cast a shadow. There’s also a “guess who” shot of a celeb on the red carpet with scapulas and vertebrae featuring as her most prominent accessory – who do you think it is? We’ve been brainstorming here at the office and are thinking LeAnn Rimes or maybe Anne Hathaway… Guess we’ll have to grab The Enquirer when it hits the stands to see who it is.

The skinniest person on the cover is an anorexic cadaver – it may even be one of the anorexic twins Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer who passed away in a house fire this summer. If it’s not them, it’s someone tragically close to death – it’s really horrible looking and I don’t need to know anything about this person’s diet – it’s obviously bad news.

On the other end of the spectrum are some real chubbos including Chaz Bono and Gabourey Sidibe – I’m guessing neither of these is on a diet I want to consider either. There’s also a “guess who” chubbette that I can’t figure out – maybe someone from Biggest Loser? The only really healthy looking person on the cover is Kelly Osbourneshe’s lost 60 pounds and kept it off for a while – she looks healthy and gorgeous!

There’s other healthier diets featured in the nine page spread as well and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and see who’s been losing, who’s been gaining and what cool new diet trends might be fun to try!

And for those who love all things Kardashian, The National Enquirer has a feature on my personal fave of the K-klan – Khloe Kardashian. Apparenty she’s working to get OJ Simpson out of jail and this again raises the question if he’s just a family friend or if there might be a familial (maybe paternal) relationship there that’s been kept on the down low…

National Enquirer is on news stands this week and you can see all this and more in their pages – let us know what you think of the extreme celeb diets!

Image Credit: National Enquirer

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