Kate Middleton’s Parents Sell Out Royal Baby For Party Supplies Company

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Kate Middleton's Parents Sell Out Royal Baby For Party Supplise Company

This shouldn’t be a surprise, since they did the same thing with the royal wedding! Kate Middleton famously comes from a family of peasants (AKA non-royal) whose fortune is estimated at over $60 million USD. But Carol and Michael Middleton aren’t in it for the money–they just really love an honest day’s work! That’s why they’ve launched a new set of party supplies for their ordering business Party Pieces, which sells themed sets of dishes, serving ware, and decorations for parties. The new design? A royal baby celebration set! Kate’s parents have embarrassed the entire royal family with their shameless cash mongering!

The new plates come in two varieties: blue for “A new little Prince” and pink for “A new little Princess.” Writer Michael Thornton of The Daily Mail (as reported by Radar Online)had nothing good to say of the line. “It would appear the arrival of their first grandchild has been seen by Kate’s parents as a marvelous business opportunity. Let me be frank: this money-making ploy on the part of the already wealthy Middletons brings a shudder of distaste and unease to all those who admire their royal daughter.”

Do you think the Middleton parents should be using their daughter’s personal life to boost business, or are they just celebrating a state event? Is it in bad taste? I think it’s full on tacky, and imagine the royals are embarrassed by the shameless behavior!

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  1. yazmar says

    It’s wrong, but everyone is trying to make money off someone…smh

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