Kim Kardashian Offered Big Bucks to Document her Pregnancy Online

Kim Kardashian Offered Big Bucks to Document her Pregnancy Online

Everyone wants to hitch themselves to Kim Kardashian’s publicity train nowadays. Once Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy was revealed the weird offers started to roll in. Supposedly she and baby daddy, Kanye West, will be doing something reality based about being parents later this year. I’m sure momager, Kris Jenner, brokered that before Kim even had her first ultrasound to confirm her babies heartbeat really existed!

Now along comes David Dginguerian, who has an ingenious idea, or not. He wants to launch a new website called MyPregnancy and in a perfect world Kim will be one of its main headliners. Visitors would have to pay for a membership and that would get them access to all sorts of goodies, including Kim’s documenting the remainder of her pregnancy. David believes so strongly in the idea that he has offered Kim a $250,000 sign on bonus. To sweeten the deal he has offered to donate the site’s profit to any Christian charity of Kim’s choice.

So this is the point where I ask what exactly is in it for David? We know that Kim is all about collecting cash but truly, if she is going to do something for her fans, they shouldn’t have to pay to hear about her pregnancy!  Many celebs decide to document their pregnancy and choose one of the many, fully credible pregnancy/baby websites to do so! If she signs on to do this then it’s just another example of Kim directly making money off the fans who have made her famous in the first place!

Would you pay to read about Kim’s pregnancy? Doesn’t she already have a personal blog that can now be used to update fans on her baby joy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit to FameFlynet

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