Pamela Anderson Kicked Off Dancing On Ice After Shocking Nip-Slip!

Pamela Anderson Kicked Off Dancing On Ice After Shocking Nip-Slip!

Although the busty Baywatch babe was an odds-on favorite to take the Dancing On Ice championship, Pamela Anderson was the first to be ditched from the chilly reality show! Pammie wowed the audience with a not-too-bad skate to Emilie Sande’s Read All About It. She wasn’t too clunky on the ice (being Canadian, it’s in her genes) and pulled a score of 18.5 out of 40 possible points from the judges. That may not sound too great, but for the first episode of the skating show, it was a pretty good effort.

Former Olympic and pro-skater and now DOI judge Robin Cousins told Pam, “Every crossover you did was correct, it was natural and not forced at all. It was beautiful.” Pam seemed pleased and told the show’s hosts, “The more confident I get, the better skating I do. I love the performance of it all – but it’s so much harder than dancing! I love it.

She was shocked (and I was as well) when she ended up in the bottom two alongside UK TV host Keith Chegwin. That’s a bit of an embarrassment since he’s a decade older than Pam and a bit of a chubbo to boot. They had to compete in a skate-off and that’s when things for messy for Pam. Her partner, American pro Matt Evers, dipped her back and one of her ample bosoms flopped out, displaying a decorated nipple that stunned the crowd.

The nip-slip threw her off her game and the Baywatch babe wobbled throughout the rest of the skate and generally fouled it up. After the skate-off, Pamela said, “I wobbled because my dress fell off!” Her defense didn’t help and apparently even a glimpse at her boobies didn’t sway the votes her way and she was voted off Dancing on Ice – the first celeb to get the axe! You can check out the face-off skate on the video below – pay close attention to the 1:00 minute mark to see her nipple make its appearance and then her discomfort and attempts to adjust!

After she got the bad news, Pammie said, “Well, you know. I feel sad, but it was really fun and now I know how to skate a little bit. I feel so bad – I just stumbled in my dress, my boobs fell out. It happens!” Word has it while in the UK and not at skating practice, she’s been making paltry public appearances here and there for $10,000-$20,000 a pop wherever she can. Oh well – I wonder what other reality show shenanigans Pam will get up to next trying to buy her way out of massive tax and personal debt now that the UK has had its fill of her…

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