Farrah Abraham Traumatizes Daughter With Hot Wax Attack

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Farrah Abraham Traumatizes Daughter With Hot Wax Attack

Let me be clear – I’m not a fan of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham. I think she’s a terrible mother and that was before I read this latest news of parental abuse. On episodes of Teen Mom, Farrah is verbally abusive to her daughter, pens her in her room and yells at her constantly. She seems to have no empathy for her daughter or any realization that her child is just that – a child – who needs love, patience and nurturing (not negative) attention from her mother.

Today I read this – a blog Farrah posted on Saturday:

Farrah Abraham Traumatizes Daughter With Hot Wax Attack

You can read it straight from her sick mind to the pages of her blog. Farrah slathered her three year old daughter with hot wax and ripped hair out of her little face. Who does this to a child? Pageant moms maybe, but even then it’s totally awful. And not satisfied with the hot wax efforts, she waited until her daughter dozed off and then attacked her with tweezers until Sophie woke up.

So now Farrah has traumatized her child with hot wax on her eyebrows, tweezing and has made it clear to Sophie that this wasn’t a one-time thing – there will be maintenance work. Good job Farrah – way to let your daughter know that you can’t love her unless she’s perfect. Obviously that unibrow was an unacceptable defect in your child that you just had to correct. Horrible – horrible – horrible parenting.

Farrah writes “I feel like a good mom.” I bet you do – but you’re not – you’re a terrible mother setting a terrible example for your very young daughter that you must submit to pain to be beautiful and be loved. OMG! Farrah called this a “standout historical moment in motherhood” – no – it was a standout historical moment in poor parenting! Given her new obsession with plastic surgery, Farrah probably thinks attractiveness equals love and I can’t imagine how frightened Sophie must be to see her mom all carved up in bandages and stitches after she has work done!

Farrah Abraham Traumatizes Daughter With Hot Wax Attack

Most of the comments Farrah received on her horrible blog post were negative – my favorite was the guy who asked if she’s “developmentally challenged” except I think that’s an insult to functional developmentally challenged people everywhere. I also want to call attention to the third paragraph from the bottom where Farrah writes “finally she woke up.. I went to sleep.” To clarify, you poured hot wax on your toddler, yanked out all her hair while she cried, once she cried herself to sleep, you went back at her with tweezers and yanked hair out of her face until she woke up and then once she was good and alert, you decided to doze off???

Where is Family and Child Services when poor Sophie needs them? This is nothing short of abuse, but unfortunately nothing new for Farrah who’s made a habit of purposefully neglecting her child and is dumb enough to do it with the MTV cameras rolling. What a disgusting excuse for a parent. Shame on you Farrah – shame – shame – shame!

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  1. Sarah says

    This is one story that I seriously can NOT believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMH! Sad thing is, I feel like we should all have a daughter w/ a unibrow before we shade Farrah. She’s still superficial as hell though.

  2. Betty says

    Sorry but she’s an idiot. I don’t understand why MTV wants to pay these dumb bitches to show how stupid they are.. Farrah is one of the worst mothers I’ve ever seen.. This country is all backwords with making all these idiots famous. Promoting unsafe sex and they wonder why there’s a rise on teen HIV infections!!!!!!!!! Duh you’re doing it!

  3. Crys says

    First of all, please post accurate information.
    Not to excuse anything, but please post factual inforation and headlines.
    She did not WAX anything. She plucked some hairs.
    Her interview stated that she plucked a few hairs, but would never put hot wax on her daughter.
    It’s sensational headlines like that, that would cause someone with half a brain to realize that your website is like a tabloid, and less about factual articles, celebrity driven or not.
    Clean it up.
    State the facts..

  4. Tmama says

    wow… I don’t think MTV shows her entire life on camera, it’s just bits of her life. It’s her child, and unless she truely is hurting Sophia people need to shut there mouths. I have a child and i’m a single mom, and i need alone time, so my son hangsa out with grandma sometimes so I can go out for a few hours. Does that mean im neglecting him? No, it means im giving myself sometime of my own. We all like to have our own time and do stuff we want to do. For the most part Farrah is with Sophia. So stop bashing her, because you only know a fraction of whats going on in her life. On another note, who cares if she got a nose jobe, chin lift or breast implants… what does that have to do with how she raises Sophia, or how she is parenting? If she does’nt like her nose and whats a nose job she can. Im a mom, and getting a nose job this summer. because.. oh i hate my profile. That does’nt mean i neglect my son and am a bad mom. You people are fools, and have’nt even given the thought that your only seeing and getting part of her life.

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