Julianne Hough’s Dance School Denies Any Allegations Of Abuse

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Julianne Hough's Dance School Denies Any Allegations Of Abuse

A while ago we reported here on Hollywood Hiccups that Julianne Hough was abused while attending a dance school in London. She exclusively told Cosmopolitan magazine, “While I was in London, I was abused mentally, physically, everything.The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts – the school in question – refutes all of Hough’s claims that abuse took place while she was in attendance. Her alma mater is kind of pissed.

According to Principal Anne Sheward, “Julianne was an exceptionally popular and talented pupil at the Academy and we totally refute any allegations that she was subject to abuse during her time with us.” Interestingly, although the Cosmopolitan article pointed the finger – never directly – at the Academy, there’s no specific wording that indicates Hough was abused during her time at the Academy. Sheward highlights this issue in an official statement:

It is no secret that during her studies [Hough] also spent a considerable amount of time at extra-curricular training and successfully competing in the ballroom and Latin dance world – which we had nothing to do with. We feel this article has been extremely badly worded and if re-read, you will see that although it mentions our name, it does not say that any abuse took place here.”

Sheward concludes, “I feel sure Julianne would herself be horrified to learn that she had caused her old school any embarrassment or harmed its good name. As she herself said in an article in The Stage Newspaper of 19th June 2008: ‘I absolutely loved Italia Conti and can’t say a bad word about the place’. ‘It was a safe place.’”

Awkward! What do you think? Do you think Hough was really “abused”? Or do you think the article misrepresented her past? Do you think the school treated her well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Kia Soto says

    Of course the school would deny it….smh

  2. monkeysuit says

    Of course they do. But come on who would make that up?

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