Octomom Is Back On Welfare – When Will Her Cycle Of Tragedy Stop?

Octomom Is Back On Welfare - When Will Her Cycle Of Tragedy Stop?

Nadya Suleman – or Octomom as she’s popularly known – is back on welfare again! Oh no! Grab your kids, lock your doors, and have a kiki at the local welfare centre. Octomom’s been doing well over the past year – she made a porn movie, she played stripper-stripper for a while, and she finally picked up the pieces of her tragic and strange life. However, in true Octomom style, when she visited rehab in October, the bills depleted every single cent she earned throughout 2012.

From welfare, she will receive $1 800 per month for food, $1000 in emergency cash – Octomom always has an emergency – and Medi-Cal benefits for all of her medical needs. She claims that this quick and large infusion of cash will only assist her to get back on her feet. Funny, isn’t it? Seeing that she quit welfare benefits only five months ago, this is just another bump in the Octomom road.

Hey, if porn fails and stripping becomes a chore, you can always tap into the taxpayers’ money and have them feed your Brangelina brood. Really, Octomom? Really? When is this woman ever going to sort out her life? She’s been a polarizing figure for years and has kept the public fascinated with her every move, scandal, and breaking news drama. We know she’s suffering from a few mental health issues and we know her life is an extremely tragic experience, but for freak’s sake woman!

In June of last year, Octomom released a very popular porn video named Octomom: Home Alone. The internet was abuzz with images of Octomom being home alone and erm – you know – doing stuff in a porn video while home alone. It was one of the most perturbing moments in Octomom’s history, and while the world cackled at the the mother with a billion kids, we felt a tinge of sympathy for the poor woman.

What do you think? Are you for/against Octomom? What do you think of her being back on welfare again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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