Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian More Like Kate Middleton

Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian More Like Kate Middleton

A few months back Kanye West told Kim Kardashian‘s glam team to tone down her makeup. He said he wants to see her with a more natural looking vibe like Kate Middleton. Now that both ladies are expecting, will Kanye continue to push the royal regimen on his baby mama? Let’s hope so. Kim has already been doing her pregnancy in a less than admirable style, sporting some questionable clothing to camouflage her baby bump.

Let’s start with her New Year’s eve monstrosity. Her makeup was understated and beautiful, but from the neck down it was a nightmare. That outfit looks like a pleather doily from hell. She’s showing way too much skin and not in a good way. She could have worn a shorter skirt and showed some leg or a lower cut top to show off her burgeoning pregnancy boobies, but this was just showing cross-sections of flesh. It made her look fat across her thighs and matronly up top. Epic fashion fail!

Kanye West Wants Kim Kardashian More Like Kate Middleton

Then her latest flop (and by flop I mean her breast could have come out of it), Kim shoved her pregnant self into a blue cutout sheath for a night out with friends in Miami. I couldn’t decide if it was a Superman logo gone wrong or if it was a nursing top. Another fail. And something Princess Kate wouldn’t be caught dead in!

It’s not really fair to expect that she can dress like Princess Kate, because their body types couldn’t be more different, but she could take some style cues from the Duchess. Kate’s rail thin and not a hippy, hourglass shaped girl like Kim, but there are fashion options for Kim that could have her looking royal as she gestates.

Kim needs to let Kanye buy her a fab maternity wardrobe because he’s got much more style sense than she does. If I find out he bought the New Year’s pleather number, I take it all back. But generally, he’s got very good taste and is much more conservative than Kim. Her big sister Kourtney Kardashian opted for drapy tops with snug leggings or maxi dresses. The maxi dresses I thought were too tent-like for her petite height, but they were cute. If Kanye doesn’t want to spring for maternity duds, Kim can always raid Kourt’s closet, because she always looked cute while preggers.

Kanye, I agree that Kim could take some cosmetic, fashion and lifestyle cues from Kate Middleton. You need to get her on a program! Kim’s not true royalty, but is reality show royalty and in America – that’s the closest we get to being regal. Her makeup is looking better, so score one for Kanye on that – now if he can just get her out of stripper heels and sleezy styles…

Image source: FameFlyNet and Zimbio

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