Adam Lambert Parts Ways With His Record Label

Adam Lambert Parts Ways With His Record Label

Back in the day when American Idol was still American Idol – not the amalgam of sentimentality and love it turned into recently – Adam Lambert lost out on the title of America’s winner. Fortunately, America didn’t agree with Lambert’s loss. His fans (Glamberts as they’re collectively known) made him an overnight super star. After sold out concerts, platinum selling singles and albums, and a career so big that it eclipses almost every other Idol alum, Lambert redefined the music industry and made glam pop cool again. However, as with any internationally successful artist, Lambert evolved into a star in own right and had to make difficult contractual decisions recently. According to reports, Lambert parted ways with his record label, 19 Entertainment.

A rep revealed, “[The parties left] amicably and with the utmost respect for each other.” Lambert’s contract expired this month with 19 Entertainment and “both sides” agreed to not sign a new contract. Since 2009 – when Lambert signed the deal with 19 – he released two full length studio albums and a large collection of live tracks, remixes, and promo material. “Trespassing”, his latest album, debuted in first place on the Billboard 200 charts and made him a music force to be reckoned with.

It is not unheard of for an artist to leave an international record label after their contract expires. Record labels usually start bidding wars after an artist is released. This is not all bad, as a new signing means new music, more money, and more clout. It has, however, happened before where an artist is released from his/her record label only to find themselves unhappy and without a career at another label. The music industry is first and foremost a business – everything else follows close on the heels of moneymaking.

Hopefully this move will catapult Lambert to extraordinary heights and make him an even more successful artist in the future. Do you think this is a wise move, readers? Do you think Lambert will become a better artist at another label? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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