Is 17 Year Old Kendall Jenner Drinking Already? (Video)

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Were Kendall and Kylie Jenner Abused by A Prankster?

I’m not an idiot–I know kids drink before it’s legal. But I think there’s a pretty big difference between drinking responsibly, and drinking to laugh at yourself and share it with the internet! 17-year-old sister Kendall Jenner was trying to scare 15-year-old Kylie Jenner, and catch it on video. Kendall got caught, and Kylie burst into laughter, joking, “That was the booze man. Hate to tell you that. Hey everyone. Bye.” The Keek video is called “fail,” obviously attesting to Kendall’s totally failed attempt to startle her sister. The video isn’t just sister games, it’s a carelessly honest confession of underage drinking and indifference.

It seems that Kendall and Kylie are really living above the rest of us–not only are they excessively wealthy, neither attend high school, and instead have on-site tutors who can work around their busy modeling and filming schedules. Their mom has sacrificed all traces of normalcy so they can make money, and it’s cost them. No longer do they act within the normal constructs of society, and are even above the law! Underage celebrities are often admitted to clubs (have you ever heard of one being turned away? I haven’t!) and have huge influence. I hate that Kendall and Kylie are drinking underage, but I think it especially sucks because they’re sharing the actions with malleable followers. I wish the girls would take more care with how they present themselves–a lot of fans make personal choices based on their lead. Check out the video: do you think this is Kendall’s confession?

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  1. NicolaGossips says

    We just need to end this fascination/interest in the whole Kardashian Klan. I think you’ve failed as a parent if your kids look up to any of these young women.

  2. josh says

    she said that was the biggest fail ever but hey guys

  3. Kiera says

    she said “THAT WAS THE BIGGEST FAIL EVER” Not that it was the booze….

  4. Dee says


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