Kris Humphries Suing One Night Stand After Herpes Contraction–Does Kim Kardashian Have It Too?

Kris Humphries Suing One Night Stand After Herpes Contraction--Does Kim Kardashian Have It Too?

Kris Humphries never leaves the court room! The NBA player and soon to be ex Mr. Kim Kardashian is not only holding up divorce proceedings to humiliate pregnant Kim, but is suing former hookup Kayla Goldberg, who claims she contracted herpes from him. Kris swears he doesn’t have it, and that she is just an opportunist, looking to make a quick buck. The truth probably lies somewhere in between! The two hooked up in August 2010 after a game in New York, and Kris claims herpes symptoms appeared within a week of their encounter!

But Kris isn’t going to go down without a fight! Radar Online reported that Kayla’s papers claim that “Defendant Humphries did not at any time inform Plaintiff that he was infected with the incurable venereal disease, Herpes Simplex Virus.” Now, Kris is suing her for libel, claiming her accusations are unfounded and that he is herpes free! But a trial date has been set for Februrary 2014–could there be some truth to this? A trial wouldn’t be set without basic evidential support, right?

Kris started dating Kim that winter, and we’re wondering if she caught anything nasty from her three-month husband! The world will probably never know, but I think there are two lessons to be learned here: (1) use protection, and (2) if you’re hoping to sue for big money, film everything and get medical testing done the next day! Kidding! Do you think Kris is a first class jerk and passes around STDs, or is Kayla just looking for fifteen minutes of fame and a big check?

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