Beyonce’s Father Mathew Knowles’ Cheating Scandal Breaks Up Family

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Beyonce Father  Mathew Knowles’ Cheating Scandal Breaks Up Family

Beyonce is looking to expand her family with husband JayZ, but that doesn’t make her a family woman. The couple welcomed their daughter Blue Ivy Carter just over a year ago, and is already talking about baby number two—whom they hope will be a boy. But Beyonce’s maternal streak is as family-oriented as she’ll get. A new, shocking report claims she has refused to meet her stepbrother, Nixon Knowles, who is the product of her dad Mathew Knowles affair with Alex Wright. Apparently, Beyonce was so hurt by and furious about her dad’s affair, she won’t have anything to do with his innocent offspring!

We had an 18-month relationship. We were in love and even lived together,” Alex Wright explained to Star Magazine, print edition January 28, 2013. “Four months into my pregnancy, he decided he couldn’t do it—and since our son’s birth, he has tried to deny Nixon full child support.” Since the breakup, Mathew hasn’t been a first-rate father, and actually tried to bribe Alex to give the baby to Beyonce and Jay-Z! “Maybe Mathew thought money could buy anything,” Alex said at the time (which was reported in print edition October 31, 2011). “He offered me money to leave the Knowles name off the birth certificate, which was a hands down, absolutely no deal here. Ever.” It’s a rough circumstance in which to raise a baby! Nixon has done nothing wrong, but is forced to be in the center of all these terrible arguments!

It sucks that Beyonce won’t be the bigger person here and be in her brother’s life. I don’t know what she expected from her father, but he doesn’t seem like a very devoted dad! Star reported that “Beyonce was so furious about her father’s affair, she refuses to meet her little brother.” Nixon’s existence is totally unrelated to the ways Beyonce has been hurt by her father. Do you guys think Beyonce should call it water under the bridge and visit Nixon, who is almost three years old? Or does her father’s love child fall outside her circle of responsibility?

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  1. Kia Soto says

    yea this was a not a good look, Matthew cheating and getting someone preggo smh #teamtina

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