Justin Bieber Posts A Photo Of His Bare Butt, Was It A Message To Selena Gomez?


It seems the Justin Bieber got a little cheeky and posted a photo of his butt on Instagram.  When we saw the photo the first thing we thought was he was sending a message to Selena Gomez, “Kiss My As*.”  The two broke up again last week another time after a tempestuous couple of weeks.  The rumor is that Selena is fed up and done with Justin for good!

Tattle TailZz reports, “Justin posted the photo on his Instagram on Saturday, then quickly  deleted it.  No different from the antics of most boys his  age, of course, but before the Biebs could think twice about his revealing  snap… the image had been liked 86,000 times.”

Justin’s manager Scooter Braun confirmed that the photo was authentic and it was just a joke by Justin.  Apparently the Biebs is a prankster.  What do you think Hiccupers, was the photo a prank or was he telling Selena to KISS his butt?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.  To see the uncensored bare butt photo of Justin, GO HERE!