Kim Kardashian Wants To Be Angelina Jolie, Will She Adopt From Abidjan Orphanage After Visit?

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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Parties At Life Star Nightclub

Kim Kardashian knows all the self-promant reality star is in Abidjan—not on a goodwill tour or for any human rights issues, but to attend two high profile events. We’ve reported that her excessive travel is putting her baby at risk, and it seems that even in her almost-maternal state, she is still looking for any excuse to get naked! She tweeted to her fans that she was forced to exercise in her lingerie because she’d forgotten to pack workout clothes—please! Like always, she’s seeking attention like it’s going out of style!

But Kim’s latest move is truly disgusting—she’s posing as a goodwill ambassador! In between parties, Kim managed to squeeze in a visit to an orphanage in Abidjan, and we think she wants to be just like Angelina—just without all the real compassion! Instead, Kim seems to use her visit to the poverty-stricken country as a photo op and publicity stunt, and refuses to do any work that would result in the bettering of anyone’s life (but her own, of course)!

Kim tweeted, “Just left an orphanage here in Abidjan and met some of the sweetest children ever!” I don’t know what etiquette surrounds orphanages, but it seems like a day visit to see the cute, homeless children whose parents have either died or abandoned them is less “sweet” and more motive-driven. Unless Kim is looking to adopt (which seems unlikely as she is pregnant and probably won’t want to take on too much responsibility at once), why would she visit? I don’t want to minimize what may be a very emotional impact—for both the kids and Kim—but I just don’t see how she can fly private jets, and buy a $11 million dollar home, then go and visit homeless kids. It seems so two faced! What do you make of Kim’s visit?


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  1. Ms. Toni says

    Yeah yeah yeah, Let’s wait and see until she has her first. She may change her tune then.

  2. Kia Soto says

    yea right kim probably gonna have a nanny 24/7 i dont she her raising someone elses child, but who knows

  3. says

    I doubt that very seriously!! She already complaining about this pregnancy!!

  4. T-Baby says

    You know she could have donated some money but of course we wont here about that…but wait did you say that she had to exercise in her pajamas???!!!!

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