American Horror Story Season 2 Finale “Madness Ends” Recap 01/23/13

American Horror Story Season 2 Finale “Madness Ends” Recap 01/23/13

Tonight on American Horror Story it is the finale of the second season called, “Madness Ends.”  On last week’s a deadly new inmate threatened Sister Jude’s chance of release from Briarcliff. Grace’s obsession with the aliens turned violent.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On tonight’s season finale Johnny sets out to complete his father’s work. Lana leads the charge to finally shut down Briarcliff.  We are going to find out tonight what happened Bloody Face’s confession tape that Lana and Kit recorded.  Rumor has it the angel of death would only be claiming one more victim tonight.  Any ideas which character we will lose?

The finale will see us go back to the beginning of the season.  “We’ll return to the gory scene from Episode 1, when the couple was enjoying some nice romantic oral sex in the abandoned insane asylum (man, some people have the weirdest kinks). This time, though, we’ll see the whole mess from the perspective of Dylan McDermott’s character, the new Bloody Face — just before he takes violent action.”


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