One Direction’s Niall Horan Gets Into A Car Crash At Heathrow Airport

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Niall Horan

Niall Horan got into a minor car crash as he returned from his trip to Japan with the rest of the One Direction boys. The 18-year old who passed his driving test just a week ago already managed to get his newly-purchased Range Rover damaged, thanks to the icing road that had the $90,000 car hit a crash barrier leaving a dent in the front. But don’t worry, Niall is rich — we’re sure he can get that fixed in no time.

According to reports, Horan wasn’t driving at the time of the crash. His personal driver had driven him home when he made the decision to drive on the icy road while the rest of the band drove in two other cars as they returned back to their homes in London. “They all waved as they went past, then the crash happened so suddenly. It must have been terrifying – the car’s wheels lifted off the road,” a source tells The Sun.

Though it was only a minor accident, Niall was said to have been left shaking despite not having suffered from any injuries. What a little girl. An onlooker revealed: “We saw Niall climbing out. He looked shaken up but didn’t seem hurt. He got into a people carrier and they drove off again.” A source close to Horan said: “The crash was a shock but thankfully he’s fine.”

One Direction are currently rehearsing for their performance at the Brit Awards next month in London.

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  1. Lizzie Percingson says

    This is bull crap and Niall is not a baby your a baby for writing shit about him

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