Selena Gomez Dumped Justin Bieber After Drugs And Cheating Scandal With Nurse!

Selena Gomez Dumped Justin Bieber After Drugs And Cheating Scandal With Nurse!

Justin Bieber has officially cleared himself of his good boy reputation! The singer has been all over news in recent weeks—and not for anything good! Besides being caught drinking and smoking weed, Justin was dumped by his Disney princess longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez. Not-so-mysterious tweets, song covers, and interview snippets have helped us piece together a reason: Selena refused to be one of many women, and Justin was getting too wild for her! Now, a new insider has come forth to report on a drug-fueled sex  party hosted by Justin, during which he cheated on Selena!

On December 21st, Justin engaged in a “night of debauchery,” which involved a hookup with Milyn ‘Mimi’ Jenson, a nursing student, reported Star Magazine, print edition February 4, 2013. Justin’s entourage hit a smoke shop in Hollywood, then returned to the Four Seasons, where they got high and mixed sizzurp (cough syrup and soda—classy!). “The guys poured it into plastic cups and were drinking it throughout the night,” the insider dishes.

While under the influence of at least alcohol and pot, Justin decided to move the party to his Calabasas home. He took the wheel, driving “like a crazy person” the whole way! The group returned to the Four Seasons later, and that’s when things heated up!

In Justin’s hotel room, he and Mimi enjoyed a “stoned sex romp” together, apparently not caring about Justin’s girlfriend! At that point, news of Justin’s hookup with model Barbara Palvin was well known, and Selena had apparently laid down the law for Justin, insisting he adhere to monogamy! I guess it was too much to ask of the YouTube cutie turned 110 pound thug wannabe! But there is one good thing to take away from this: Selena is out of his clutches, and the world finally knows what a louse he is—affairs or not! Do you think Justin cheated with Mimi?

Image credit: Coqueran/FAMEFLYNET

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