Jenelle Evans Had A Miscarriage


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has had a miscarriage, just eight weeks into her pregnancy.  The father of the baby was Courtland Rogers.  Jenelle and Courtland split up earlier this week after he was caught partying and kissing another women.  Jenelle filed assault charges against him.

 The reality star was taken to the hospital again today [January 25, 2013] with complications.  She went to the hospital with friends and her ex Gary Head.

RadarOnline is reporting that,“Jenelle lost the baby this morning.” a friend of hers said, “She’s sad and upset, but she’ll make it through,” they said about the 21-year-old reality star.

Earlier in the morning she tweeted, “F**KKKKKKKKK. “Feel light headed.”

Allegedly Jenelle has not seen her husband Courtland all day and he is unaware that Jenelle had a miscarriage.

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