Gwyneth Paltrow New Superfood Diet: No More Pasta!

Gwyneth Paltrow New Superfood Diet: No More Pasta!

Gwyneth Paltrow is all over our radar—whether she’s starring, commenting, blogging, or looking fabulous in everything she wears, we’ve got an eye on her! The mega celeb has addressed a common fad: the cleanse. Instead of starving herself for two weeks, Gwyneth spoke with friend and integrative physician Dr. Frank Lipman and has started incorporating 9 superfoods into her diet.“I am not on a detox,” she insisted on her blog. “I am not on a diet. I know, New Year’s cleansing and all that. Not this year. Can’t do it. Maybe later in the year. Maybe in the spring. So for now, I would like to continue with my pasta and cheese, but perhaps be more mindful of ingredients. I asked my friend Dr. Frank Lipman about his list of superfood so that I could incorporate them into my diet a bit more.” The concept is great, and has been told time and time again: instead of focusing on don’ts, focus on do’s! So what is Gwyneth eating to stay in shape?

Gwyneth is loading up her plate with beans, avocados, and blueberries. But she refuses to give up pasta entirely, so has found ways to add healthier ingredients. “If you are going to eat pasta, why not serve it with a walnut pesto,” she asks. “Walnuts are on his list [of superfoods].”

It isn’t all rabbit food, either. Avocados are notoriously high in fat, and can be substitutes for butter and cream in baked goods. Chocolate made the cut, and Dr. Lipman praised it for helping to “elevate mood, improve blood flow and even lower blood pressure.” Will you take Gwyneth’s advice and skip a major cleanse this year? Do you have time to cook with these wholesome ingredients, or will take out and freezer food dominate your dinner table?

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