LeAnn Rimes New Breakdown Over Brandi Glanville Tell All Book

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LeAnn Rimes And Family Departing On A Flight At LAX

Brandi Glanville has proven it time and time again: she has no filter. It makes for great TV, but kills relationships faster than anything! Brandi has made several enemies on the show, including Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, and Taylor Armstrong. Though the girls tend to forgive and forget faster than most humans, the drama is always laid on thick, and seems to flow directly from Brandi’s mouth. But she’s found a new way to spread her unique brand of truth and tough love: Brandi’s written a tell all, and it’s released next month!

LeAnn Rimes was one of many other women in Brandi’s marriage with Eddie Cibrian, and is now facing rumors that he’s cheated on her too! As if having a snake husband weren’t enough, she now has to deal with the ugly truth that Brandi is publishing. “Things are gonna get worse [for LeAnn] before they get better,” Brandi hinted, as reported by Life & Style, print edition February 4, 2013. The book “goes into detail about LeAnn’s affair with Eddie, the lies and hurt. LeAnn won’t be happy.”

But we think this will be the scandal that breaks the camel’s sanity for LeAnn, who has been publicly struggling with her mental health since her brief rehab stint last summer. “LeAnn will freak out,” an insider predicts. “Brandi won’t hold anything back” from the tell-all. But what does LeAnn have to hide? In her infamous interview with Giuliana Rancic, LeAnn confidently says that no one can break a marriage—except those in it! She airily dismissed all accountability for the ruination of the family, before breaking down and crying hysterically.

LeAnn has made her bed, now it’s time to lie in it! She can’t fault Brandi for telling the truth—nor can she escape the public hate she’ll receive once we find out all the dirty details about her affair with Eddie. Will you pick up a copy of Brandi’s book Drinking & Tweeting, or just wait for us to tell you what it says?


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  1. lisa says

    I cant inagine what could possibly be in this book,that hasnt been talked about allready over n over again.What happened with all of them is really nobody’s business,but Brandi has made a great living being a professional victim.Book,sclothing line,tv show.Glamorous events,limos,hair stylists,there is no way in the world she is going to give up this newfound chic lifestyle.She says her children love leann & she never talks bad about her.She says Eddie is a wonderful father.So why write a book airing the dirty laundry?and yes, we;’ve all heard how she is now a single mother,but google what Eddie Cibrian’s net worth is & you’ll be very surprised.They sold their home for m,illions in the divorce so he didnt exactly leave her broke.,The she tweets about how she’s freaking out that her children are going to live in their father and stepmother’s new mansion.For someone who doesnt talk to thei kids about all of this,she’s doing an amazing job continuosuly telling the world.We get itm,she was devastated but to blame leann for the breakup of her marriage is wrong.To egg her hateful Twitter fans on to torment Leann and bully her is wrong as well.Is this what she teaches her boys,to torment people?She calls leann insane,but I think she is teetering on some kind of breakdown and should watch her step before she ends up in court fighting to keep custody of her boys.Branid is still clearly madly in love with her ex,wants him back at all costs and is losing her mind going about it.I will NOT be spending 1 dime on this book,she’s allready told us everything as you can see by my long winded post.I did have her back at 1 time,no more.I am proudly teamj leann Cibrian all the way.Her husband clearly is madly in love with her and adores her,and I hope they live happily ever after..

  2. Lisalisa says

    Hahaha coming on sites and defending yourself again, Leann you’re INSANE!

  3. Tracy says

    Can’t wait to finally hear Brandi’s side! The book is about her life.

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