Kim Kardashian’s Ex Kris Humphries Has Proof He Does Not Have Herpes

Kim Kardashian's Ex Kris Humphries Has Proof He Does Not Have Herpes

Kim Kardashian’s ex husband of 72 days Kris Humphries is one happy guy cause he does not have herpes.  Kris  was sued for being a herp-a-derp! Kayla Goldberg claimed the basketball star gave her the lovely going away present after a hot night of sex in 2010.  Kayla said she met up with Kris at LA club, Trousdale, on the Sunset Strip and later went back to his place where they had sex multiple times including oral sex.

Well Kris has finally filed a response to her lawsuit.  According to TMZ, “In the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Kris does not deny sleeping with Kayla, but insists he never passed on the herpes virus — because he got tested for the disease after the hook-up and it came back negative.  Kris attached the alleged test results in his filing, but they are under seal.”

LOL he was tested after the hookup with Kayla and it came back negative.  BUT, my question is, has he been tested since?  He slept with Kim Kardashian and considering the men she has slept with, he may just want to have the test redone!

Kris is asking that Kayla’s lawsuit be dropped!

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