Harry Styles Is Determined To Win Taylor Swift Back

Harry Styles Is Determined To Win Taylor Swift Back

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dated for about a minute back in late 2012.  Taylor fell completely head over heels for the young One Direction singer, and after random hotel hookups and meeting the parents, the two just couldn’t make it last and split up.

But now apparently Harry wants Taylor back, he saw her in her People’s Choice Award gown and he was besotted all over again.  At the 2013 People’s Choice Awards Taylor showed off some serious cleavage thanks to the plunging neckline on her dress, we wondered at the time if she was sending Harry a message.  A source reports, “He’s been frantically trying to prove to her that he’s serious and vowed to win her back.”

He is going to have to do a lot of convincing to win Taylor back, when recently asked about Harry and the possibility of the two reuniting she said, “I think once a relationship is done it’s done, you can’t do that back and forth thing it’s the most exhausting process.”

But Harry is not letting that discourage him.  NOW Daily reports, “the heartbroken One Direction hunk was ‘on his knees’ begging for another chance after sending her gifts while he was in Japan.  Harry, who turns 19 on 1 February, even sung a love song he’d written down the phone to her!”

What do you think Hiccupers?  Will Harry and Taylor be spending Valentines Day together?   Will we be planning weddings and rings in the future.  Or is Harry just another notch on Taylor’s belt and a distant memory?

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