Justin Bieber Smoking Weed – New Marijuana Photos Being Shopped Around

Justin Bieber Smoking Weed – New Marijuana Photos Being Shopped Around

It looks like Justin Bieber is attempting to weasel his way into the Lindsay Lohan Celeb Hall of Shame and by the looks of it he’s doing a really great job of it!  I mean, if you’re in the public eye and you’re a total pothead then at the very least you should try to keep it on the DL so that everyone doesn’t know about your vice. Not Justin though, this past month he has popped up with a blunt on more than a few occasions leaving mothers everywhere to rethink whether or not he’s a good example for their young daughters.

The latest batch of photos that are being shopped according to TMZ show Justin and his pal Lil Za sharing a weed-filled stogie while chillin outside a home in LA. The photos were supposedly just shot yesterday. Ironically Lil Za was busted and detained early this morning while driving Justin’s Ferrari without a license.

Apparently Za is yet another bad influence on Justin, just like his rapper pal Lil Twist that is supposedly fabulous at rolling blunts. Any way you look at it Justin is sinking fast and it’s a good thing Selena Gomez hit the bricks when she did. If Justin could care less about even trying to be a decent roll model, what’s he going to look like by the time he’s 20?  Seriously, he is on track to become the male version of Lindsay Lohan if he doesn’t change gears and fast!

Do you think Justin will realize he’s on a collision course for trouble and hit the breaks on his partying? Or instead does he think he’s just having fun and it’s really no big deal because no one technically is getting hurt?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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