Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ Miscarriage Caused by Heroin Use

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Jenelle Evans Miscarriage Caused by Heroin Use

Courtland Rogers is trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame by slamming his estranged wife, Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans.  Now I’m not saying what he is alleging isn’t true, but damn, could he be any more of a douche bag?

Rogers, who has reportedly been screwing his ex while with Evans, is seen on video (found by Radar Online) sniffing a white powdery substance.  A friend on the video, Tiffany, confirms that it is heroin.  Recording yourself doing drugs?  Courtland sounds like a keeper already.  In the video, Courtland alleges that he continuously begged Jenelle to stay clean while she was pregnant.  Unfortunately, according to Rogers admission to Tiffany, she did not.

“That’s why she had a miscarriage.  I’m telling Jenelle, ‘you can’t be doing this s**t.  It’s going to kill our baby’,” said Rogers.  During her six week check up, Jenelle’s OB/Gyn asked why there were opiates in her system.   A question Jenelle was probably not expecting.

Whether Evans was really abusing drugs while pregnant or not, the outcome was still the same.  She miscarried in her first trimester.  A clear sign that Jenelle was not ready to be a mother.  Perhaps if she took her life seriously and took care of herself things might have gone a different way.  Then again, she did appear incredibly needy.  Maybe, the idea of playing house was what she really wanted and not a real-life family.

No matter now.  From my point of view, Jenelle is immature as hell with zero regard for anyone including her own mother, Courtland is a drug fueled doucher who married Jenelle so he could get his face in the tabloids, and these two together create a massive train-wreck that I can’t seem to look away from.  Can we please stop making reality TV personalities relevant to everyday conversation?

What do you think readers?  Is Jenelle abusing some serious narcotics?  Will she ever think about anyone but herself?  Can we all agree that Tiffany leaked the video in hopes of getting her own sloppy seconds of fame?

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  1. T-Baby says

    this is all so wrong…lets pray

  2. Twana Tells says

    I knew she was doing more than just some dayuuuum weed. Lawd have mercy Heorin is a powerful drug & I pray that she gets the help that she needs

  3. Kia Soto says

    heroin ……..

  4. yazmar says

    gosh heroin tho..very harsh drug

  5. Sarah says

    It makes me sad that this bitch can even have children.

  6. fairy says

    she needs to get some serious help, quickly. She needs to move completely away from all the people that are a bad influence on her, possibly to an aunt/ uncle that is very stable and, if she is addicted to heroin, can help her cope with the withdrawal. She is a victim of circumstance and does not need people judging her and making nasty comments. What Jenelle desperately needs is help, before it is too late.

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