Acting Didn’t Work: Katie Holmes Heading To Dancing With The Stars?

Acting Didn't Work: Katie Holmes Heading To Dancing With The Stars?

Katie Holmes’ acting career has been less than stellar.  Her stint on Broadway got terrible reviews.  It seems that not being Mrs. Tom Cruise is not helping her career.

Now what do all D listers do when they need a career boost?  Well they head over to Dancing With The StarsNational Enquirer reports that Katie’s daughter Suri Cruise is excited and is pushing her Mom to do it.  Suri and Katie are huge fans of the reality show.  A source revealed, “Katie and Suri are huge fans of ‘Dancing’ and watch it every week.  They’ve really bonded as mother and daughter over the show and dance in general.”

This would seriously be a smart move for Katie, it would give her career a boost and be the perfect way to get her a lot of visibility.  People view Katie as the ice princess and perhaps doing something like DWTS and having Suri sitting in the audience will make people related to her more.

The source goes on to claim, “Katie feels that a stint on ‘Dancing’ would charm the public and kick-start her showbiz career.”  What do you think would a stint on Dancing With The Stars rejuvinate Katie’s career?  Would you like to see Katie on DWTS.  Maybe she can convince Tom to site in the audience and cheer her on…….. just kidding 🙂


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