Harry Styles Doesn’t Care If Taylor Swift Writes A Song About Him

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Harry Styles Doesn't Care If Taylor Swift Writes A Song About Him

Since the moment word spread that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles had split speculation has been rampant about Taylor’s next song or two. We all know the pattern. She breaks up and instantly slams the guy in song with usually thinly veiled lyrics. I think part of the fun for Taylor is the fact that everyone figures out who she’s describing pretty darn fast. It’s like it’s her mission to warn the world about all the douche bags that she has dated and I’m not sure that it has sunk in yet that she really makes bad choices!

Harry new what he was getting into because he has seen multiple men before him get hacked down to size on Taylor’s album. He knows that if they didn’t work out he’d likely be her next victim. Fortunately for him, Harry just doesn’t care. Apparently being free of Taylor is worth whatever fallout occurs for him. According to Hollywood Life, the young star has completely moved on from clingy Taylor and the only time that she is ever mentioned now is by his One Direction band mates. They kid him about being the star of her next lyrics.

I have to wonder about Taylor’s string of bad luck with guys. The reason for the split is usually related to her and she’s a smart girl. Already she has built a solid career on being an epic relationship failure. What happens if she does land a great guy and ends up happily married? What will she sing about then? Busted relationships are very relatable, but how many people would really identify with a happy Taylor?  Happy doesn’t tug at the heart strings and sell records quite like the story of a cheating man will! Does Taylor choose badly to keep her career going? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. NicolaGossips says

    I think Taylor is done writing songs about her exes. LOL

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