Adele SHOUTS At Chris Brown For Refusing To Stand Up As Frank Ocean Won His Grammy

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Adele Chris Brown Frank ocean Grammys

Wowza! Adele seemed to be really pissed off with Chris Brown when Frank Ocean won his Grammy; everyone in the building showed respect to the singer as they stood up and clapped for him except for Chris who sat on his bottom, slowly clapping as Adele stared over at him in disgust. She couldn’t believe how one person could be so naive.

And we kinda agree with her. You may recall the incident between Frank and Chris two weeks ago when Ocean refused to shake Chris’ hand and seconds later, he gets pushed, punched and pinned to the wall by Brown’s entourage before he decides to join in too. It was very uncomfortable to watch, and Adele didn’t like it at all.

According to sources, Adele was angry because the Grammys is a night where everyone comes together to congratulate people on their success and what they’ve achieved in the last year, so when she looked over and saw that Chris was being disrespectful by sitting on his butt and not acting like a grown-up man, she decided to confront him about it… and it wasn’t necessarily in a quiet way.

The 24-year old is a loud-mouth herself, it just comes naturally to her. LOLz. So when she asked Chris why he didn’t get up for Frank, everyone heard it which made Chris very uncomfortable. We don’t know why his reply was, but seeing by his facial reaction in the picture, it must have been something like: ‘Umm.. well… we got into a brawl two weeks ago and you know…’. Ha! Adele looked like she was about to slap the ish out of Chris.

What do you make of it? Has Adele got a point or does Chris have the right to stay seated and act like an immature little boy?

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  1. Calvin says

    adele seems to be very funny

  2. says

    Well if they not cool…what he gonna stand up for??

  3. monkeysuit says

    To be fair he didn’t stand up for others. And he did clap.

  4. Yazmar says

    Exactly, Chris Brown didn’t stand up for others…of course he wouldn’t stand for Frank…He just beat him up a few weeks ago. Adele needs to give that same look she gave Chris to her stylist!!

  5. Ms. Toni says

    Well, he did clap. *shrugs*

  6. NicolaGossips says

    Chris is a dummy. He needs to understand that in order for his career to come back people have to like him, not just Rihanna. His ass should of stood up. If he did, wouldn’t that have been a much bigger story. “Wow Chris actually acknowledged Frank’s talent, even though they were fighting a week ago. . . “

  7. Sarah says

    If I got into a fist fight with someone, best believe my ass would remain in my seat which is what EVERYONE else would do too!

  8. JanaInSendera says

    IMHO, Chris Brown is an immature, rude, mannerless, arrogant thug. There is too much good music around to spend money on his stuff. Frank Ocean showed class after his encounter with Brown, a quality Brown is severely lacking. Rihanna needs to have her head examined.

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