Lisa Marie Presley’s Birthday Party Explodes Into Huge Fight

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Lisa Marie Presley's Birthday Party Explodes Into Huge Fight

You know what they say about the best laid plans right? Well it looks like in spite of Lisa Marie Presley‘s husbands’ best efforts, her 45th birthday bash was still a bust. Michael Lockwood, her husband planned a rodeo themed bash at the Saddle Ranch Chop House and invited 60 of her closest friends to help celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately the couple had a blowout even before they left the house, mainly over Lisa Marie’s chronic lateness and inability to be on time for anything. The war of words put a dampener on the entire evening and although the couple walked in hand-in-hand, they quickly separated and didn’t speak for the rest of the party. According to the National Enquirer,

“Michael spent time planning every detail of the party, and he was furious that Lisa Marie took so long getting dressed that they were an hour late,” said a pal. “They had a huge argument and ended up ignoring each other the whole night.”

Apparently Michael went off to mingle with guests while Lisa Marie held court downing glass after glass of champagne. She refused to take part in any of the activities that Michael had carefully planned and those close to her knew that something was very wrong based on her behavior.

It’s not the first time that Michael and Lisa Marie’s marriage has shown serious signs of strain in recent months as they have reportedly fought over everything from her music career to their four-year old twins. Do you think this is ultimately going to turn into yet another failed marriage for Lisa Marie? It seems like when each of her previous relationships have fallen apart we later catch wind of just how dysfunctional she is and how it ultimately unravels everything. Will her marriage to Michael be another casualty? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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