Adele DENIES Shouting At Chris Brown at Grammys!

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Adele DENIES Shouting At Chris Brown

Adele has denied shouting at Chris Brown at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. It was believed that the singer went crazy when she found out that Chris was being disrespectful to Frank Ocean by not standing up when he won an award – Chris had also refused to stand up for Adele when she won her Grammy award.

The loud-mouthed starlet supposedly shouted at Chris as to why he was being so disrespectful to the other artists… clearly he would want them to receive a standing ovation too if he had won anything. DigitalSpy reported: It is not clear what the pair were discussing, although a widely circulated clip on the internet shows that Adele was apparently unimpressed with Brown during the ceremony.

However, these claims have now been denied from the horse’s mouth herself. Yup, Adele took to her Twitter to set the record straight about the whole Chris Brown incident, insisting that she was actually complimenting his outfit.

Adele had tweeted: “Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!” Oh, okay – so Chris didn’t get confronted by her… but still doesn’t explain why he was being such a douchebag towards everyone by being the only person refusing to stand up. I don’t know – the white suit he was wearing was kinda like he was trying to show people he was a good guy – it gave us the feeling he was going to act like ‘an angel’ at the event, but clearly that was far from it. How sad, right?

It only got worse when we found out Chris was smoking weed at a nightclub after the Grammys. Now, we don’t actually have a problem with people smoking weed, but when you are flaunting it in front of other people, knowing that someone would eventually snap a picture of you and release it to the media, it’s so ridiculously stupid and arrogant.

So much for him trying to be ‘the good guy’.

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  1. says

    I mean.. if the boy didn’t want to stand up.. then clearly he doesn’t have to. The media just run with everything now and days!!

  2. monkeysuit says

    She didn’t yell at him because even though she’s bigger than him she was afraid of him. She saw what happened to Rihanna.

  3. Twana Tells says

    that situation had nothing to do with her so she really needs to mind her business…

  4. Sarah says

    It’s bullshit that it was reported that she was scolding him for hitting Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DivaWhispers says

    Why isn’t anyone talking about why Miguel didn’t stand up. Everybody picking on Chris…smhhhhhh

  6. maurice says

    she needs to lose some weight

  7. Anthony says

    No need for you to jump on the bandwagon in critcizing Chris Brown- check your facts. Chris was not the only one that refuse to stand up for Frank Ocean as he accepted his award. R&B singer Miguel chose not to stand up as well… people are just targeting Chris because he is a bigger star with a problematic past. Don’t be a bandwagon jumper, think for yourself.

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