Kim Kardashian Is Poison to Fashion Designers’ Brands

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Kim Kardashian Is Poison to Fashion Designers’ Brands

Kim Kardashian had a hard time trying to find the right look for her photo shoot with Elle magazine because a dozen of fashion designs had turned her down when she had asked if she could wear their clothes for the cover. According to RadarOnline, Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti had the opportunity to work with the reality star, which wasn’t easy – not because Kim was stubborn, but because there were hardly any clothes for her to wear.

This leads us to wonder why no one would want her to wear their clothes,  especially when it’s for a photo shoot that could get your dresses a lot of publicity. Hmm – and on top of that, she’s pregnant, so maybe women are preggers would want to snag themselves something that Kim wears. Well, we don’t actually know the reason as to why so many people turned her down, but clearly they didn’t want their design misbranded by a “reality star”.

RadarOnline, quoted the stylist: “People wouldn’t lend the clothes, but that’s just fashion snobbery”. Umm.. no! That’s because fashion designers are not too keen on the idea to have their designs being worn by a woman who just happens to be famous for being famous. We can see where they are coming from – we wouldn’t want our products or clothes being promoted by someone who contributes nothing to society.

Despite the “snobbery” of designers, Kim explained how she loved working with Nicola on the shoot, saying that her vision for what she should wear always seems to surprise and amaze her.  “I love being transformed and I love your vision of who you think I am – that’s always so inspiring for me and so interesting seeing someone’s take on me. When I work with someone I really respect, I work with trust. Even if I’m not comfortable in something, I trust your vision to push me a little bit.”

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  1. Sarah says

    What an ego bruise! This is one of the funniest Kim rumors I’ve read in years!!

  2. Ms. Toni says

    I’m sure Kim’s not worried. She is a powerful brand walking in her own right. She’ll be fine.

  3. Roberta says

    You could’ve just titled this post as “Kim Kardashian Is Poison” and it would’ve still been true.

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