Kate Gosselin Subjects Her Kids to Another Reality Television Trauma

Kate Gosselin Subjects Her Kids to Another Reality Television Trauma

Kate Gosselin almost had me fooled lately. She APPEARED to have changed gears and seemed like she was finished with the whole reality television thing. You can only attempt so many different types of shows and I guess I wanted to believe that she really was ready to let her octuplets attempt to be normal kids, but nope! The exploitation continues! Kate may have hunkered down and has attempted to live recently among the masses as a typical mommy blogger, but of course there was another ace up her sleeve. She has done yet another show, Celebrity Wife Swap.

Kate switched places for a week last year with ex-Playmate and former Hugh Hefner Girl Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson. Needless to say Kate’s kids probably had a lot of fun with Kendra but apparently they had no idea what was going on! They didn’t know where their mother was or why they were left with Kendra and a film crew. It was just one more unsettling time in their lives that was totally for the benefit of Kate’s fame whoring.

Robert Hoffman has already penned a scathing book about Kate and the supposed truth about what goes on behind her closed doors. He spoke to National Enquirer about this latest television stint saying,

I’m not sure how much more psychological damage Kate can do to these poor children, but she sure looks like she’s willing to sink to new depths to get her face back on television,”

Do you think that Kate’s continual quest for fame and television time really is detrimental to her kids?  Supposedly even after filming wrapped they couldn’t talk to anyone about being left with Kendra for a week. They had to stay quiet until Kate was allowed to speak of the upcoming appearance. Do you think she will ever really allow these kids to just be typical children that focus on school and their friends? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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