Brandi Glanville Would NEVER Take Eddie Cibrian Back For What He Did To Her

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Brandi Glanville pose

Brandi Glanville insists that the chances of her getting back together with Eddie Cibrian in this lifetime is definitely not going to happen. The reality star, who was ditched by her ex-husband for singer LeAnn Rimes, has said that Eddie has put her through so much crap that it is even hard to look him straight in the face and act like everything’s okay.

Take a trip down memory lane; Brandi claimed in her new book, Drinking and Tweeting, that Cibrian was very affectionate with Rimes during their marriage together, and she wasn’t that dumb to not have realized what was going on – Eddie was cheating but she didn’t know how to confront him about it.

Months later, she’s told he wants out of their marriage, which not only had her angry (seeing that she knows who he was going to get together with), but it also meant that the “happy family” she wanted to come across as was no longer going to be the case for her children.

“I would tell him to suck it,” Glanville told Access Hollywood Live when asked on a possible reunion between her and Eddie (if he was to ever want to get back with her). She adds that it has taken her years to get over the whole divorce drama Cibrian had put her through, so now that she’s in a good place in her life, she adds she could never be treated so badly by the same person again: “It’s like a death – you take time, you mourn it. It took me a while and I was not okay for probably two and half years,” she explained.

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  1. Ms. Toni says

    Can’t believe he cheated on her so publicly though. A shame!

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