Brandi Glanville On Eddie Cibrian Walking Out On Her: “I Will Talk About This To My Kids”

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Brandi Glanville A Little Out of Sorts at LAX

Brandi Glanville admits that she has no problem telling her children about what kind of a piece of crap their father Eddie Cibrian really is — okay, maybe not that dramatic, but she’ll definitely let them know why her former husband ended up walking out of her life. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starlet is still wounded by the pain that the actor caused her when he ditched her for singer LeAnn Rimes, which has made Brandi only see poison.

She happens to hate LeAnn, for the fact that she takes pictures of herself with Brandi’s kids, then she would tweet it to Glanville to try and make her jealous. On top of that, Cibrian and LeAnn recently mocked Brandi’s memoir, Drinking and Tweeting, with their instagram caption, Drinking and Instagraming. So why shouldn’t Ms. Glanville get in on the fun? She’s ready to tell her kids in the near future what a douchebag their father really is.

She says: “Obviously they’re going to read [my memoir] one day,” she said. “They’re going to know everything one day because everything is covered on the internet. Their dad chose to be a very public figure and everything is chronicled. There’s no choice for them but to know the truth,” before adding that all the things she wrote in her book are “really honest”, looking at it as a tale of things of “what to do and not to do during a divorce and a break-up”.

Dishing that your ex-husband was getting crap in the bedroom isn’t exactly something that needed to be shared, right? Oh well – it was hilarious to read, and we’re sure that Eddie wasn’t too pleased about it. Nevertheless, when asked what kind of man she was looking for, now that she’s back to being single, she says: “Just somebody that’s sweet and I can trust and loves me and accepts me for me.”


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  1. Sarah says

    Brandi doesn’t know how to STFU. Naturally she will tell her kids MUCH more than they’ll ever want to know.

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