Beyonce And Jay-Z Accepted Poverty Funds When They Were Paid To Perform In Nigeria

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Beyonce and Jay-Z Have Dinner in NYC

Oh man – so much positivity until this came along. Beyonce and Jay-Z were reportedly paid with poverty fund money back in 2006 when the former Governor, Goodluck Jonathan, paid them with the local poverty alleviation funds which no one actually knew about until now! And from what we’re hearing… people are totally pissed at the fact that Jonathan spent a whopping amount from the organization. 

In 2006, Goodluck held the ThisDay Music Festival in Lagos, which saw top Nigerian artists take to the stage to perform a couple of their songs. Of course, the biggest stars at the event were Beyonce and Jay, so having them fly out, splash all luxury gifts on them and finding them a nice, lavish hotel to stay in wasn’t going to be cheap.

Bayela officials have confirmed that the total amount that was spent for the festival, artists and Bey and Jay’s accomadation summed up to $1 million! Yes, $1 million from poverty funds, which could have easily gone to much more needed things, such as water, shelters, food, etc. This is totally bizarre how one man can abuse his powers this way, just for Beyonce and her hubby to perform on stage in Nigeria. How crazy is that!?

No word on whether or not the couple will be issuing a refund but a statement is expected very, very soon.

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