Justin Timberlake Loves London So Much, He’s Considering Moving To The UK

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Justin Timberlake could be relocating to London very, very soon after describing how much he loves spending time in Britain. The former N’SYNC member says that coming to the UK is like coming home, he feels that his fans overseas are so much more passionate about his music and he just seems to love receiving the vibe that the Brits tend to give him. But what the heck would Jessica Biel make of it?! 

Surely, she wouldn’t want to move to somewhere where it constantly rains, would she? Besides, her entire family live in America, so moving away from them would be pretty hard for her, knowing that she’s close to her parents. Nevertheless, it’s still a decision that Justin needs to make; does he want to live in a town full of fake people with fake boobs and butts, or does he want to move to somewhere else where people actually appreciate his talent? LOLz.

“I should really buy a house here,” he told The Mirror. “I’m having the best time in London and whenever I do a tour I seem to spend the majority of time here,” before adding that the Brits tend to understand his music more. He said: “I had the best time at the Forum gig in London and I think it was better than my show in LA. I enjoyed it more too, as the vibes were unreal.” 

Timberlake is currently preparing himself for his world tour with Jay-Z later this year, following the success of his comeback single, Suit and Tie, which is his first single of his forthcoming album, The 20/20 Experience. Timberlake has always done well in the charts, despite the fact that he just so happened to have departed from his over-the-top successful boy band to pursue a solo career.

When asked on what advice he could possibly give to One Direction to sustain their fame, success and credibility, the singer thoroughly explained: “I live my life surrounding myself with good people, and people I can trust, so I would say that’s important. And they should never take anything too seriously.”

Aww, what a great lad!

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  1. monkeysuit says

    That’s odd right?

  2. Sarah says

    I love London too. It’s not like JB will spend much time in London there but he definitely has the money for a flat.

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