Jennifer Aniston A Total Diva On The Set Of New Film — Is Her Upcoming Wedding Stressing Her Out?

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Jennifer Aniston Films 'Untitled Elmore Leonard Project'

Jennifer Aniston is losing it; she is being a complete rude cow on the set of her new movie, Untitled Elmore Leonard Project, having already demanded a private luxurious trailer that is miles away from the rest of the cast. And if that wasn’t upsetting enough, she refuses to eat with any of the crew members during lunch and has clearly stated that no one should talk to her unless it’s important. 

Wow! What a cow, right? Well, her special treatment on the set has started to bug other people off, especially since all the money is being taken out of the production budget, including a spanking brand new SUV she requested to BORROW during her time on the set of the movie. Her fellow cast mates Isla Fisher, Will Forte and Tim Robbins are this close to slapping her in the face and tell her to snap out of it, but they hope that she’ll eventually stop her diva demands.

An insider revealed: “Every day at lunch the entire cast and crew head to a cafeteria facility where they all sit down and eat lunch together for well over an hour, but the only person who doesn’t eat with everyone else is Jen. She quickly grabs a lunch to go and leaves,” before continuing: “All the actors ride in normal production vans when they head to lunch, but Jen has her own luxury SUV, and not only is Jen’s private trailer miles away from the set, but she heads all the way back there each day to eat her lunch away from everyone else. Her behavior is a clear indicator to everyone that she’s not approachable.”

Now let’s not forget that according to CelebDirtyLaundry, her wedding is just two weeks away, so if that was the case, she’d have some crazy planning to do AND film scenes for her new movie. That must be really hectic for her, so we can kinda understand why she wants to distance herself from the group; she needs privacy and a clear mind on what she wants to have at her wedding, etc. We totally understand.

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  1. Calvin says

    she needs to pee off — irritating cow

  2. Sarah says

    I love it. Team Diva! Jen’s been in the business long enough to act like a C U Next Tuesday. I’d prefer anyone to keep to themselves than be fake.

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