Lady GaGa is Pissed Off at Kim Kardashian: Celebrity Feud

Lady GaGa is Pissed Off at Kim Kardashian: Celebrity Feud

It takes a ton of people to make Lady Gaga look, well, other worldly at times and just because she’s stuck recuperating from hip surgery, don’t dare think of borrowing any of those people! Apparently Kim Kardashian is learning the hard way about the quickest way to piss Gaga off, she stole Nicola Formichetti , Gaga’s fashion designer!  Kim realized that Nicola wasn’t attached to the ailing singer right now and so she swooped right in and badgered the designer until they finally caved in and agreed to work with her.

Obviously Kimmie could use some fashion help but really, why Nicola? Is she looking for a maternity version of the infamous meat dress?  Gaga is said to be fiercely protective of the people that she works with and so of course this situation has left her fuming. I wonder if Kim’s baby daddy, Kanye West was behind this collaboration. She seems to really just do as he tells her too, especially when it comes to her style. The rapper has gotten her to hang up those Herve Lager dresses and opt for a more classy look thank goodness.

I just don’t understand bringing in a new designer when you’re pregnant. It’s like Kim is so busy worrying about her looks that she is totally forgetting the fact that she’s supposed to enjoy this short period of her life. Forget heading to the gym everyday now (Kanye’s orders!), worry about getting in there later on to run off the baby weight.

Do you think Nicola will dream up something freaky for Kim or would we never know that the same designer was collaborating with both women?  Do you really care what Kim wears? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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