One Direction’s Harry Styles Was Hit In His “Crown Jewels” By A Fan (Video)

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Harry Styles Was Hit In His "Crown Jewels" By A Fan (Video)

Harry Styles was targeted by a fan last night during the One Direction tour in Glasgow, as one teenager threw a shoe right at his testicles, and damn – watching the video makes us cringe every single time. The way he just dropped to the floor made us remember all those times a similar incident happened to us – the pain is unbearable, seriously! LOLz.

No one actually knows why the teenage fan threw a shoe at Harry, but we’re guessing she may be upset about the fact that he broke Taylor Swift’s heart? Not too sure on this one, but you can  see in his face after falling to the ground, that he was less than amused with what had just happened, while the crowd cheered on. What’s really awkward about it all is that no one in the band actually bothered helping him up; Liam Payne made sure he was okay, but that was all. They obviously didn’t care.

After getting back on to his feet, Styles jokingly did some stretches to calm the awkwardness, while the security at the event looked grumpier than ever. According to reports, the fan who threw the show – who has yet to be identified – was snitched on by onlookers and immediately removed from the concert. Security guards made it clear to the teen that if she’s not careful, Harry could end up suing her for what she did.

C’mon, Harry! She was just having a little fun. Besides, it’s not like you didn’t deserve it – you broke Taylor’s heart, and for that, you deserve to be hurt back in some kind of way, and this seems to have been the best way to do it. I’m sure Swift is laughing herself to death once she sees this video of Harry getting hit in his “crown jewels.”  Ha!

Image credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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