The Bachelor Sean Lowe Sperm Doner; Who’s The Lucky Girl

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The Bachelor Sean Lowe Sperm Doner; Who's The Lucky Girl

The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe offered his sperm to his sister in hopes that she can finally have the baby she always wanted. Sounds weird, right? Well, it doesn’t really get any better than this: the reality star’s sibling, Shay, has been struggling to conceive for years now, and it’s gotten to a point where she has pretty much given up.

Her last hope now is that her brother sticks to his word and donates his sperm to a surrogate so that his older sister can finally be a joyful mother after all. Now, we don’t know about you but is this creepy or what? Why does it have to be her brother?! We definitely don’t think that the contestants on The Bachelor will be happy to hear about this, do you?

The National Enquirer reports that Shay has spent more than $20,000 on intrauterine insemination, which have all been unsuccessful,- and instead of even wasting more money, she has come to terms that she can’t get pregnant and her only other solution remains to be through a surrogate. “Not only were Shay and her husband devastated, so was Sean,” revealed a family insider. “Family is everything to him and having kids is a big part of it. But month after month, he heard the same disappointing news, his sister wasn’t pregnant.”

Shay’s hubby, Andrew had actually insisted on adopting a baby at first, but seeing that Sean was so devastated by the fact that his sister can’t have a child of her own, he brought up the subject of having his sperm donated to a surrogate. That way, the child will still carry the same genes – seeing that they are family – and everyone’s happy! “I struggled with infertility, did a lot of fertility drugs and then bam! I had two babies without drugs and without trying… thank you, Jesus (times two!)” Shay wrote on her blog.

I’m guessing it’s nice for him to do that for his sister, but it still sounds kinda creepy to me.

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