LIndsay Lohan’s New Lawyer, Mark Heller Called Incompetent By Judge

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LIndsay Lohan's New Lawyer, Mark Heller Called Incompetent By Judge

Lindsay Lohan‘s attorney, Mark Heller, doesn’t seem to be doing such a good job after being slammed by the judge earlier today. Mark has been trying to get LiLo out of trouble by falsely claiming the troubled actress suffered from a concussion after her car accident last summer, which has since been proven a lie.

Thanks to law enforcements’ background check, there are no records of Lindsay ever suffering from anything that was said – despite Heller claiming otherwise. Doctors who actually treated Lohan at the hospital didn’t diagnose her with a concussion, and therefore means that her attorney must have told Lindsay he would lie to the judge in hopes to save her butt from jail. Sadly, he failed miserably.

The judge couldn’t even take him seriously, after saying he is incompetent and demands Lindsay to appear at the next court session if Mark continues as her attorney, because some of the things that he’s telling the judge are ridiculously false — there’s evidence to prove it. Clearly not a good look on LiLo. “The doctors who treated Lindsay on the day of her car accident last summer didn’t diagnose her with a concussion. She suffered no injury to her head whatsoever,” a law enforcement source told

“She did have bruised ribs, and she was very sore, but that was her only significant injury. My client suffered a concussion, and never should have been questioned by the police. She was basically held against her will and forced to answer questions.” They added that the actress was in such a good state at the time, that they even allowed her to leave the hospital and return to work straight away.

“Lindsay had a CT scan of her head, neck, and spine and there was no injury. Not only that, but Lindsay went back to work after leaving the hospital,” the insider continued. “For Mark Heller to claim that Lindsay had a concussion is an absolute and blatant lie. When she was questioned by cops at the emergency room, she wasn’t denied any medical attention because of them.”

It is being reported that Lindsay plans on getting rid of Mark Heller as soon as possible; he could potentially make her go to jail with all the lies he’s telling the court.


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  1. Yazmar says

    Yuck, she looks like a 50 year old hooker….old looking ass

  2. Gossipwelove says

    She looks mad old in that pic!

  3. Ms. Toni says

    Should suit her just fine then. They can be incompetent together.

  4. Twana Tells says

    I hope they lock her azz up

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