Kate Middleton, Prince Harry And William Head Out To Switzerland For Friend’s Birthday

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Kate Middleton, husband Prince William and Prince Harry all secretly jetted off to Switzerland last week to attend the wedding of close friend polo player Mark Tomlinson and Olympian Laura Bechtolscheimer. The Duchess of Cambridge looked far from amused in several pictures that have hit the internet, but perhaps that’s just because her morning sickness may have kicked in again. 

Whatever the reason for her not-so-pleased facial expressions, Kate made sure she got plenty of rest during her trip in the Swiss Alps, staying at a luxurious $4,000 a-night suit which even has its own private 12-seat ski lift, taking you straight up to the slopes to ski down the mountains. According to reports, Middleton didn’t try any of those activities – for obvious reasons – but Harry and William couldn’t contain their excitement to try it out.

Though Kate had been spending most of her time in her suit, she did however join her husband at a mountain restaurant for the pre-wedding celebration. 235 guests supposedly showed up, and the bill summed up to a whopping $20,000 — the bride’s grandparents supposedly paid for everyone’s food. Wowza! They must be loaded with money, right? Ha. Seven meals were served that night PER PERSON,- though our assumptions are that the only person to even eat all of that would only be Kate, seeing that she’s preggers.

She is expected to make her return to London this week and continue her royal engagement duties.

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