Kim Kardashian Called “Greedy & Self-Absorbed” By Peta

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Kim Kardashian Called "Greedy & Self-Absorbed" By Peta

It was only a couple of years ago when Kim Kardashian was endorsing PETA to try and help stop people from wearing fur, but now that she’s mega-rich and seems to think she’s untouchable, the reality star is doing whatever the hell she likes, and doesn’t seem to care about what anything thinks either.

Over the weekend, Kim was seen with her beau, Kanye West, making their way over to a museum in Paris wearing one hell of a big fury black coat. It’s questionable whether or not Kanye forced her to wear the outfit, seeing that he has been making her wear leather in recent months, too. But still, it’s still a massive slap in the face for someone to go from having sponsored a company that’s trying to prevent people from wearing fur, to all of a sudden going against it.

PETA’s rep, Wendy Wenger has since told RadarOnline that Kardashian is a bad example to children by not showing them social conscience, adding that Kim most likely wore the fury coat because she was paid to wear it by whomever designed it, Wendy finds absolutely heartbreaking and disgusting. Kim loves wearing someone else’s skin and finds it fashionable.

Wenger explained: “Children of greedy, self-absorbed parents could follow their lead or they could break away and be alienated from and disgusted by them. Kim is a commodity; she is paid to wear things like fur, a particular makeup, or to shake hands with questionable people, so she is not a good example to a child or anyone else of how to show a social conscience.

She then continued to state the following: “Thankfully, this child will be growing up in a time when most people know how blatantly cruel it is to buy a coat made from someone else’s skin, so there is hope.”

In recent months, PETA have also targeted Lady Gaga for buying TWO fur coats for the price of $250,000, while their most infamous stunt to seek revenge at Kim came last summer when a staff worker poured a bag of flour over the reality star in hopes that she gets the message: STOP WEARING FUR!!


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  1. Kia Soto says

    i hate peta they have the right to destroy and damage peoples property and talk ish about who they want like they aint just as bad

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