Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Brutally Attacked By Husband Courtland Rogers — Files Charges Against Him And Possible Divorce

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Jenelle Evans Gets Praised By Kesha

Jenelle Evans was brutally beaten by her husband, Cortland Rogers, while she miscarried her child, and now she has filed charged against him for battery. It’s unclear whether or not the Teen Mom starlet will also file for a divorce, seeing by her recent tweets where she called him out for also CHEATING on her, but violence is definitely not something Jenelle wants to get into.

The two were said to have been fighting in January after Evan’s hubby decided to ditch his wife for a couple of drinks at a local bar. From that day forward, the relationship went downhill as Courtland put his hands on her several times during heated arguments that went from him just pushing her out of his way to physical abuse.

Jenelle, who is currently in rehab to battle her heroin addiction, is said to have been worried about her own safety when she became suspicious her husband was taking drugs – he wasn’t sleeping, he partied throughout the night and he would constantly try and look for little things that bothered him to give him a reason to beat her up.  “Courtland was a mess and Jenelle thought he had been on drugs,” a source told RadarOnline.com.

“He wasn’t sleeping and had been out partying and he was acting like a maniac. He started yelling at Jenelle and didn’t even care that she was bleeding and cramping and starting to have a miscarriage. He first shoved her out of the way and Jenelle tried to get away from him. That’s when things got out of control,” the source said.

Some of the nasty altercations that went down were him throwing her against the wall, smashing her head against anything that was very solid, punching her on numerous occasions and beating her on her legs, stomach and on her back. Evans had even posted a picture, showing a small bruise on her cheek — it was clear that what she was saying wasn’t a cry for attention, it was a cry for help.

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