Brooke Mueller Warns People Not To Buy Her Nude Photos – She WILL SUE!

Brooke Mueller Warns People Not To Buy Her Nude Photos - She WILL SUE!

Brooke Mueller wants the media to know that if they ever get their hands on any of her nude pictures, they should be prepared to deal with a hefty lawsuit coming after them, because she’s just not going to let it ruin her life. The ex-wife to Charlie Sheen is said to be fuming over the fact that TMZ made claims her former assistant has nude pics of her.

According to the site, they have already seen the pictures and described them as less than flattering, so just imagine how that could make Brooke feel; firstly, she doesn’t know when they were taken, who took them and why they are coming out now. She has already hired a lawyer that will look into this case, but her rep has made it clear that if anyone tries buying the pictures of Brooke completely naked, she’s coming after them.

How the photos surfaced is still a mystery as of now, because there has been no evidence that her former assistant actually did it, however, if it comes out that it was the assistant after all, she would  have violated her non-disclosure agreement when first working for Brooke which could not only damage her reputation, but make her pay up millions.

“Right now, we don’t even know if any photos exist, let alone if they are of Brooke,” Mueller’s rep tod FOX411 after the story got out that Brooke’s naked pictures have gotten in the hands of someone that shouldn’t have had them to beging with: “If a former assistant did illegally obtain personal photos, she would be violating her non-disclosure agreement and placing herself and any media outlet that runs them in serious legal jeopardy.”

So far, no one has made any offers to buy the exclusive photos, but there’s still time. We’re betting that Star magazine will make an offer, without a doubt – they like being scandalous. Let’s just see how it all turns out in the end when they go to court. Ha.


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